The Interdisciplinary Mentoring Program in Analysis, Computation, & Theory (IMPACT) is an interdisciplinary cooperative of research groups and laboratories committed to mentoring BYU students in high-quality research in the pure and applied sciences.


Actuarial, Investment, and Management Sciences Functional Data Analysis Mathematical Systems and Optimization
Actuarial Investment & Management Sciences Picture: Hand tracing a graph Functional Data Analysis picture: top view of the inside of a brain Mathematical Systems & Optimization picture: fighter jet in  the air with desert landscape below
Non-Linear Waves and Coherent Structures Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Geoscience Applications
Non-Linear Waves & Coherent Structures picture: painting of a wave Biology; picture of DNA Geoscience; picture of Earth

Undergraduate Mentoring Program

The year-long Computational Science Training for Undergraduates in the Mathematical Sciences (CSUMS) mentoring program begins in summer term with an intense 7-week bootcamp program, where students develop mathematical, statistical, and computational expertise in a focused setting preparatory to doing research during the academic year and following spring term. The research theme of the mentoring program is functional data analysis, optimization, dynamical systems, and statistical genetics. Application areas include biological threat identification, bioinformatics, shockwaves, cosmology, and human performance. More detailed information is located on the front page of the application.

Click Here to Apply to the IMPACT Program

The application deadline is March 31, 2011 by 5:00 PM.

Applications can be turned in at 270 TMCB or emailed to byuimpact@byu.edu.